My Tyres Exploded

My Tyres Exploded!

I bought 6 of these Eclat Mugen tyres. 2 for show bike, 2 for spare bike, and 2 spare. $75 each!! 3 of them have exploded, or were about to explode. As much as I really liked these tyres, I cannot trust them and have bought some Odyssey Frequency G’s instead.

Spare Bike Gets a Makeover

Spare Bike Gets a Make-over!

I have two bikes. Show Bike and Spare Bike. Show Bike is for shows and spare Bike is the back-up in case something happens to Show Bike. During the WA tour I had to use Spare Bike because the brakes were being strange on Show Bike. I couldn’t fix them because I had also just discovered that I had left the majority of tools back in Melbourne!

Everything went well, however, there were a few things that I needed to refine. The brake levers and the tyres.

Here you go, Spare Bike’s Makeover

Spare Bike to the Rescue

Spare Bike to the Rescue

After a 2 hour drive I made it to Kalgoorlie, ready for shows. As I was warming up I noticed something odd happening to my rear brakes. I also learned that I had left my tools back in Melbourne. I couldn’t fix it with the tools that I had with me. This is why I have spare bike!

The issue turned out to be the brake mounting post that had come loose from the frame. An easy fix when you have the right tools.