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Scott’s BMX Trick Bike Show

Scott Hone has toured from Melbourne to Montreal, Penrith to Palm Island, New York to Nambour; galavanting across the globe as part of a touring Circus ensemble. Since 2015, Scott has been freelancing and free wheeling around Australia with his unique children’s show, Scott’s BMX Trick Bike Show.

Based around his BMX bike, world renown BMX trick bike rider, Hone, will lead audiences on a real experience made of dreams. Although nearly everybody has ridden a bike, no-one rides a bike like Hone. Backwards on the front wheel. Frontwards on the back wheel. Frontwards on the front wheel backwards upside-down.

Telling the story of his first bike all the way to joining the circus Hone demonstrates how perseverance, thinking creatively, and trying new things can lead you on a grand adventure through life.

Created for Warrnambool’s Fun4Kids Festival and having performed solo across six states and on the high seas, Scott’s BMX Trick Bike Show is a highly engaging family show that the kids will absolutely love and parents will totally adore.

An ambitious finale with five audience members joining Hone on stage to triumphantly ride the bike all at once.

Scott’s BMX Trick Bike Show is certain to inspire the next generation. 

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9 Minute Show Edit

—> High res video on YouTube

Incredible reactions from the audience—especially after Scott takes the final bow!